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Our Tutors

All our tutors are able to tutor in elementary and middle school level math and language arts. Some of our tutors can also tutor in high school level math and science, computer science, history, and foreign languages.   

Scroll down to get to know our tutors!



12th Grade 

Favorite Subjects: Science, English & History

Has experience in mentoring K-8 band students. Is part of the Girls Advancing Leadership in STEM club, Sandpiper Juniors organization, and the varsity cross country team. Enjoys teaching herself new instruments and being outside.

Has taken AP Human Geography, Geometry, Chemistry, Spanish, Honors Algebra 2, Advanced English, and Biotechnology, AP US History, AP Biology, and Spanish 4. 

Is currently taking AP Calculus AB, Economics, Physiology, Band, AP Spanish, AP Literature

Kaela v_edited.jpg


12th Grade

Favorite Subjects: Math & Science

Has experience working with kids her whole life. Has worked with ages from 3 months to 13 years. The Secretary of Sending Love Club and Key Club. Is an active member in CSF. Enjoys dancing and pottery making in her free time. 

Has taken Biology H, Geometry, Algebra 1, Chemistry H, Algebra 2 H, English 2 H, Pre-calc H, Anatomy/Physiology H, AP Lang.

Is currently taking AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, U.S. Government and Economics



12th Grade

Favorite Subjects: English & Math

Has experience in tutoring middle schoolers in English and Math. Is part of the Mira Costa Orchestra, Red Cross club, and is on the varsity baseball team. Enjoys watching Disney movies and going to the Beach in free time.

Has taken AP Human Geography, AP European History, English 9/10, H Algebra 2, Chemistry, and Biology, AP US History, Ap Calc BC, AP Chemistry, Honors English, and Spanish 4.

Is currently taking AP literature, AP physics, AP Econ, AP Spanish, Orchestra, Multivariable Calculus.


Vivian N.

12th Grade

Favorite Subjects: Math & Music

Has coached middle school girls in robotics. Is Treasurer, Head Researcher, and founder/president of many clubs. Is fluent in Vietnamese. Attended Tech Trek and has been head membership coordinator for 2 years+. Has 50+ hours of volunteer work. Played volleyball for 7 years. Plays instruments multiple instruments throughout academic life. Is ASB Vice President!


Has taken: AP World History, Algebra 2, Honors Chemistry, Biotechnology, Honors Biology, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, AP Physics 1, AP US History, AP English Language, Biotechnology 3-4, Pre-calc, and Spanish 5-6

Is currently taking: Advanced Biotechnology, Anatomy/Physiology, AP Literature, AP Calc BC, Econ/Gov, ASB



12th Grade

Favorite Subjects: Math & History

Has been a part of the cross country and track team for 3 years, and a former marathon runner. Has had experience tutoring elementary school students at a summer camp, and also helping his younger brother. Is fluent in Japanese. Enjoys playing video games with friends, watching anime, and cooking. Favorite anime is Death Note and favorite food is curry.

​Currently taking AP Physics, AP Computer Science, AP US History, AP Calculus BC, AP Language, and AP Japanese at CAMS.



12th Grade

Favorite Subjects: Science & English

Has experience being a big buddy for CSF, enjoys working with children and has experience in leadership positions. Is a Speech and Debate Team Captain, runs cross country and track, is the public relations at sending love club, a member of math club. Loves to listen to music and watch movies in her free time. 

Has taken AP Human Geography, AP World History, Biology Honors, Chemistry Honors, Geometry Honors, Algebra 2 Honors, Spanish 3 Honors, English 1,2,3 Honors, AP Biology, AP US History, AP Spanish, AP English Language, and Precalculus Honors.
Is currently taking AP Environmental Science, AP Calculus AB, AP Government and Politics/ AP Economics, AP Literature.



12th Grade

Favorite Subjects: Math & English

Is on the dance team at Mira Costa High school. Runs her own club called Jacks Baskets and is involved in other clubs/ organizations like Hearts of Gold link crew. Has experience tutoring elementary and middle schoolers with English and math. 

Has taken: Algebra 1, Geometry, Early Global Studies, Composition, Computer Science, French 1&2, English 9/10, Chemistry, Biology, theology, World History, AP environmental science, French 3, English 11 Honors and Algebra 2.
Is currently taking: AP psychology, French 4, Dangerous books seminar, AP government, pre-calculus.



11th Grade

Favorite Subjects: Math & Science

Has frequent experience tutoring a variety of students in a multitude of subjects. Is a member of Key Club, National Honors Society, the California Junior Scholarship Federation, the Red Cross Club, and often volunteers at medical clinics as an intern. Loves reading, photography, and traveling in her free time.

Has taken: Honors Biology, Principles of Biomedical Science, Algebra I, Geometry, Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Honors English 9, Spanish 3, Human Body Systems, Honors Chemistry, Honors English 10, Algebra 2, and AP European History

Is currently taking: Physiology, Medical Interventions, AP Chemistry, AP U.S. History, AP Language and Composition, AP Calculus A/B, Digital Photography, and Spanish 4



11th Grade

Favorite Subjects: Math & Science

Was in CJSF in middle school, and now a part of Key Club in high school. Has experience tutoring elementary school kids, middle schoolers, and other high school peers in all academic subjects. Volunteers at church events. Likes to draw, play video games, and watch anime in free time.

Has taken: Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, English 9H, Algebra 2, English 10H

Is taking:  AP English Language, Physiology, Chinese 3, Pre-calculus/Trigonometry, US History, Yearbook



10th Grade

Favorite Subject: Biology

Is a part of the cross country and track teams at West High. Has been doing a classical Indian dance for 12 years as well as Piano for 7 years.

Is currently taking: Art 1, Japanese 2, Geometry, English Honors, and Biology Honors

EDCDA014-D06A-4DA5-9D43-2F0BA23DB667 - Miranda Rendon.jpeg


9th Grade

Favorite Subjects: Math & English

Mary loves working with kids and has experience teaching dance to younger students. Attends Mira Costa and is on the junior varsity dance team. Loves music and art.

Currently taking: AP computer science, AP human geography, geometry, biology, Spanish 2, English 9

IMG_0853 - James Jeong_edited.jpg


9th Grade

Favorite Subjects: Math & Band

A decent student of West High School, enjoys hanging and talking with his friends, plays the flute, an average Minecraft player, a competitive person, and reads in my free time.

Currently taking: Algebra 2 Honors, Advanced Band, Biology Honors, English 1 Honors, Korean 2

Ema Maeda.jpeg


11th Grade

Favorite Subjects: Math & Science

Has been part of West High’s Varsity Tennis for 2 years. Active member of Key Club, and board member of Environmental Club and UNICEF. Likes to game, listen to music, and read.

Currently taking: AP Lang, AP Bio, Anat H, Precalc H, IDS, USH



11th Grade

Favorite Subjects: English & History

Attends Mira Costa Highschool. Is an active participant in the Mira Costa Model United Nations program, and has traveled to Washington DC, and Chicago in the last year with the program. Is involved with the Shared Closest Club, Club Wag, and Living on One Club at Mira Costa. Participates in the South Bay National Charity League volunteering at her local senior center, and the Lovejoy Foundation. Loves to go to the beach, arrange flowers, and read.

Has Taken: Geometry, Biology, Algebra 2, AP European History, AP Human Geography, and Honors Chemistry

Currently Taking: Model UN, Pre-Calculus, Physiology, AP US History, AP Language and Composition, and AP Psychology

image0 (8)_edited.jpg


12th grade

Favorite Subject: Science & English

Current President of Beach Cities Student Tutoring. Loves working with children and helping others. Has leadership, community service, and tutoring experience from previous years. Is fluent in Korean and English. Enjoys watching movies and baking in her free time. 

Has taken: Chemistry Honors, Algebra 2 Honors, Geometry Honors, Biology Honors, PLTW, Robotics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and Pre-calculus honors.

Is currently taking AP Physics 1, Anatomy & Physiology Honors, and AP Calculus AB



12th Grade 

Favorite Subjects: Science & English

Is on the board of S-club, did a summer internship for Cal State Bakersfield’s international student program, was on the lacrosse team, and won a public speech competition. Enjoys swimming and baking. S-club treasury, does key club.


Has taken ap psychology and US history, biotech year two, honors pre-Calc, honors English, physiology

Is currently taking AP Biology, Calc AB, Spanish 4, Biotechnology Year 3, American Film and Literature, Dangerous Books (English), AP Government, AP Economics

lauren s.jpeg

Lauren S. 

11th Grade 

Favorite Class: Intro to Engineering Design

Has experience in volunteering and leadership through GATE and CJSF in middle school as well as helping coach kids from ages 3-8 in soccer for 2 consecutive years. Currently is the Secretary of Art Club. In her free time, she enjoys reading, drawing, and has began to play the guitar again.


Has taken Computer Science, Robotics, Algebra 1, and Biology Honors, Chemistry Honors, Geometry Honors, and Intro to Engineering Design.

Is currently taking Pre-Calc Honors, Physics, Principles of Engineering

gwen bcst.jpg


12th Grade 

Favorite Subjects: Math & Science

Is a member of Mira costa orchestras and has played the viola for seven years.  Enjoys traveling, cooking, and playing with dogs.  Is very patient and loves working with kids. 


Has taken H Algebra 2, AP European History, H Chemistry, H Pre Calc, AP US History, AP biology, AP seminar, Symphony Orchestra, H Pre Calc, AP US History, AP biology, AP seminar, Symphony Orchestra.

Is currently taking AP Spanish, AP Calc BC, Econ, AP Physics, AP Research



12th Grade 

Favorite Subjects: English & Korean

Has participated in CSF and Modeled United Nations. Currently a member in debate, animals at heart, korean club, FBLA, and Interact. Has played piano and on the school swim team. Has worked with kids in church ministry and regularly babysits. Enjoys reading comics, watching dramas, playing video games, and hanging out with friends. 

Has taken AP World History, Korean Honors, Biology Honors

Is currently taking debate ,stats, AP gov and and econ, Korean 5H, yearbook and design, AP lit



12th Grade 

Favorite Subjects: Computer Science & Math

Has experience tutoring elementary and middle schoolers in math. Is a leader for a youth group and team manager for girls soccer. Is Co-President of Women in Stem and Vice President of Clean and Green. Enjoys making digital art, painting, and watching Marvel movies.

Has taken Algebra II, Pre Calculus, H English, H Chemistry, AP World History, Spanish I and II, and Cybersecurity, AP Physics 1, AP Calculus AB, AP Computer Science Principles, AP English Language

Currently taking AP Physics 2, AP Comp Sci A, AP Literature, AP Calculus BC.



12th Grade 

Favorite Subjects: Math & Science

Has about 2-3 years experience in tutoring elementary and middle school students in various subjects. Currently active in CSF and Key Club. Is the technology coordinator and PR for Games Club. Fluent in both English and Arabic. Did fashion for 5 years and participated in 2 fashion shows. Did colorguard for 1.5 years. Likes to sew, dance and hang out with friends.


Has Taken: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calc, US History, World History, English 3, Biology H, English 2 H, Spanish 2

Currently taking: English 1A, Government/Economy



12th Grade 

Favorite Subject: Math 

Has been part of the soccer team for 3 years and is President and co-founder of Clean & Green Club. Has recently taken part of the Association of Women in STEM to empower women in their careers.  Has experience tutoring elementary and middle school students. Is fluent in English and Spanish. Loves watching movies and reading in her free time.

Has taken: Algebra II, English Honors, Cybersecurity, Geometry, Biotechnology

Is currently taking AP Calculus BC, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Computer Science A, Anatomy/Physiology H.



10th Grade 

Favorite Subjects: English & Math

Is a student currently enrolled at Mira Costa High School. Plays for Mira Costa Lacrosse as well as club teams for travel. The Vice President of Programs for the National Charity League of the South Bay. Did Odyssey of the Mind for numerous years and went to the State and World Finals. Is part of the Shared Closet Service Club and the World Changers Club at Mira Costa. Enjoys running, reading, playing lacrosse, and surfing in her free time.

Has taken: Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, AP Human Geography, Introduction to MUN, English 9, Spanish 2.
Currently taking: AP European history, Algebra 2, Adv. English 10, Spanish 3, and Model United Nations



12th Grade 

Favorite Subject: Math

Is a varsity cheerleader at Mira Costa High School and was in choir for seven years. Active in clubs such as Hope for Hygiene. Babysits often for kids of all ages and has been a camp counselor. Enjoys reading books and listening to music during free time. 

Has taken: Spanish 1-4, Biology, H Chemistry, Algebra, Geometry, H Algebra 2, Modern World History, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Environmental Science, H Precalculus, AP US History, H English
Is currently taking: AP Econ, AP CSA, AP Calc AB, Apocalypse Literature



12th Grade 

Favorite Subjects: Math & English

Has experience baby sitting and being a camp counselor. Attends Mira Costa High School and is on the varsity cheerleading team. Speaks both Hindi and English. Is in involved in clubs such as Red Cross club and is on Link Crew at Mira Costa. Loves to sew, read, or listen to music. 

Has taken: Algebra, Spanish 1-3, Modern World History, Chemistry, Precalc, AP Human Geography, Biology

Is currently taking: AP US History, English 11, AP Environmental Science, AP Computer Science Principles, Calculus, and Spanish 4



10th Grade 

Favorite Subject: Math 

Has been in percussion for 7 years, plays golf, and spends free time programming as well as reading mystery books.

Previously taken: Geometry, English Honors, Biology Honors, Spanish, Percussion Ensemble

Currently taking: AP Computer Science, Honors Spanish, Honors Chemistry, Honors English, Advanced Ensemble, Algebra II Honors



11th Grade 

Favorite Subject: History

Has experience with tutoring an elementary schooler on Math and English. Is part of Model United Nations, does volleyball, and enjoys hanging out with friends.

Has taken: Geometry, Algebra 2, AP HUG, Spanish 3, AP European History, Pre-calculus, Spanish 4

Is currently taking: APES, APUSH, AP Psych, MUN, AP Lang, Calc



10th Grade 

Favorite Subject: Math and Biology

Enjoys helping kids and wants to join the medical field. Attends West High School and is on the board of FBLA while being an active member for CSF. Has experience teaching elementary and middle school students in math. Loves to read action and romance novels!

Has taken: Biology Honors, Algebra 2 Honors, English 1 Honors, Art, ASB.

Is currently taking: AP Computer Sci Principles, Chem Honors, Pre-Calc Honors, English 2 Honors.

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